Facility Management in SAP

The scope of Facility Management sectoral solution in SAP

The sectoral solution covers all processes related to management and life cycle of real estate. At the base there is the register (passportization) of properties including the register of premises, apartments and utility networks with a direct link to the Cadaster of Real Estate. In case of leased premises, the solution comprises the whole agenda of leasing: inquiry and offer of premises to lease, administration, registering and billing of rental agreements including a price map or an interface for direct debit. An important part is effective billing of services (side costs), management of supplier relationships in real estate, maintenance and servicing of real estate, administration of technical documentation, property tax assessment, internal leasing including rate calculations, real estate appraisal option and invoice archiving. The solution also includes real estate sales agenda and integration of CAD designs and GIS maps into the SAP RE-FX (REM) module environment. All real estate costs and revenues are directly and precisely allocated by means of real estate controlling for the respective properties. A detailed description of the extent of the Facility Management sectoral solution in SAP includes our company’s product list which we will gladly provide you with based on your inquiry (see company contacts).

Who is the sectoral solution intended for

The sectoral solution of Facility management in SAP based on RE-FX (REM) is intended for companies and organisations being in the role of an owner, lessor, lessee, service provider, developer, or real estate company. Application of the solution is very broad and allows for utilisation in various business modules.

Sectoral solution benefits

Industry solution of Facility management in SAP has economic, operating and integration benefits. In the system, the customer gains an overview of all processes and information which contribute to effective management and administration of real estate. A rich managerial, operational, financial, evaluative and KPI reporting all contribute to this overview. We are able to quantify the benefits both on financial level and by means of practical experience from the companies, in which the implementation took part already. Please contact us, we will gladly provide you with more information (see company contacts).

Technical contents of the solution

RE-FX (REM) module is the core of the Facility Management industry solution in SAP. eLevel system s.r.o. has performed industry extensions with integration to REM, which extend the functionality and application of SAP system in the area of Facility Management. By using the extensions of eLevel system s.r.o. and integration of other relevant SAP modules, the solution becomes an altogether comprehensive tool for the area of Facility Management. Strength and need of integration of relevant SAP ERP modules to RE-FX (REM) module depends on the scope and needs of the given customer.

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

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