Company profile

eLevel system s.r.o. is a Czech consulting IT company engaging in an area of the SAP system consisting of experienced senior consultants and programmers, long-term project leaders, proven process specialists and field consultants. Our most experienced staff has dealt with SAP issues since 1995. It is our aim at all times to provide high-quality service to the customers for the most acceptable price in the market.

Strengths of company eLevel system s.r.o. :

  • We provide full scope of SAP-related IT services.
  • We have a strong programmer group capable of creating extensive integrated customer applications in SAP, apart from interfaces, reports, forms, migrations, and conversion programs.
  • We have developed several sectoral solutions. Apart from that for Facility Management in SAP covering all processes and needs related to management and maintenance of real property portfolio.
  • We have created customer extensions in SAP resulting from legislative and corporate needs of the companies. Our SAP extensions have been applied by numerous significant customers.
  • Company eLevel system s.r.o. is a SAP Partner Company.

In our company we put into effect the same optimisation and efficiency of company processes we design for our customers. Thus we can offer attractive prices while providing the best possible quality of service.

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

Our significant customers

eLevel system s.r.o. Mánesova 2763/12, 702 00 Ostrava