Sectoral solutions in SAP

Sectoral solutions are solutions which are applicable in the respective areas of company activities. We offer sectoral solutions in the area of Facility Management, Fleet Management, Training and Event Management and training and development of employees with a detailed knowledge of processes and methods.

Legislative solutions in SAP

Although SAP should be localized for the legislation of the Czech Republic, it does not necessarily have to be so in all areas, or rather it does not always have to satisfy legislative needs of customers. For that reason, we offer our customers a range of effective legislative solutions in the areas of human resources and business accounting.

SAP customer applications

Standard functionalities of the SAP system are often insufficient for companies, therefore we offer comprehensive customer applications, which are fully integrated to the SAP system and are closely tied with the respective SAP module, alternatively they are standalone and use data synergy in the SAP system. We can create any customer application in SAP according to the needs of the customer. We have created a number of noteworthy customer applications, which stand above the respective SAP ERP modules, and some of them are integrated even with external applications outside the SAP system.

SAP Portal solutions

SAP Enterprise Portal significantly broadens the use of the SAP system by adding a user-friendly web environment which can be used for a specific internal company use and integration of processes and information using workflow. An example of this can be a system of request forms, travel orders, vacations, electronic payrolls, settlement of the use of company cars etc.

Solutions in SAP BW

A significant know-how of the company is the area of data warehouses, SAP BW, and the presentation tool SAP BusinessObjects. Our senior consultants for data warehouses SAP BW have successfully implemented a series of solutions for optimal reporting and precise data analysis for our customers. The implemented solutions have helped to make the work easier for users and have contributed to automation of KPI indicators calculations, company cost planning, evaluation of company financial management etc. For the best presentation of results, it is possible to use the SAP BusinessObjects environment. Using dashboards and charts of all relevant types we prepare the final outcomes for management decisions.

SAP customer improvements

The SAP system is an open system and has its own development environment. Thus, we can create meaningful customer improvements throughout the SAP system. That can concern minor customer adjustments, but also more complicated extensions which always provide users with practical benefits and easier work with the system. Please contact us, we will gladly give you more information about the respective improvements which we have created for our customers and which could also be utilized in your company (see company contacts).

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

Our significant customers

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