• Proficiency -

    We have twenty years of experience providing services in SAP system areas. We are backed by an erudite SAP team of senior consultants, programmers and project leaders.

  • Individual approach -

    We can appreciate customer trust. We take a serious, fair and individual approach to customers. A matter of course for us is the highest possible quality of services for the most acceptable prices on the market.

  • Tailored solutions -

    We are a comprehensive provider of services in the SAP system. We have developed a whole range of tailored customer solutions according to customer needs and requirements.

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

Our significant customers

eLevel system s.r.o. info@elevel.cz Mánesova 2763/12, 702 00 Ostrava