Implementation and development of SAP

Company eLevel system s.r.o. has an experienced implementation team, which has completed numerous major implementation projects as well as numbers of partial development projects. Individual senior consultants and programmers have more than ten year´s experience in implementation of SAP solutions, the most experienced of them since as soon as 1995. We cover the knowledge of all SAP ERP modules, data storages in SAP BW, a presentation and reporting tool of SAP BusinessObjects. We implement and develop SAP according to ASAP and standard project management. Thanks to this experience and background we are able to implement our projects with high efficiency, maximal quality, at the time required and to the customer´s full satisfaction.

Maintenance and operating support

We provide application maintenance of SAP ERP, SAP BW, SAP BO, SAP Enterprise Portal in scope according to the customer´s needs. We meet strict SLA parameters in order to provide supreme quality of services. We provide operating user support on all support levels. We provide HelpDesk even for the customers, in which we have not implemented and developed SAP yet.

Programming, reporting, forms

We have at our disposal a strong group of experienced, skilled senior programmers performing object, dialog, application ABAP programming in SAP inclusive of Web Dynpro. We create custom-made customer applications in SAP environment. We create both simple and complex aggregate reports, being particular about optimisation and speed of reports and the source code cleanliness and readability. Creation of Adobe (including interactive pdf forms), Smart Forms and SAP forms for any needs and utilisations is a matter of course. Our knowledge of interactive PDF forms creation is significant.

Interface, data conversion

We are experienced in building interfaces and integrations of third-party applications with SAP, whether using RFC or PI components (Process Integration) on SAP NetWeaver platform. We have completed numerous significant data conversion from non-SAP systems into SAP, helping the customer to achieve a safe transfer of vital data into the target system. We also perform data conversion or migration between SAP systems if customer needs and requires them.

Project Management

Our company has experienced senior project managers having long-term experience in management of major implementation projects on SAP ERP, SAP BW, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Enterprise Portal basis. Project managers follow the rules and methodology of project management including ASAP and with their strong expert knowledge of the systems they are even able to cover the position of an implementation team leader. Implementation of project quality and quality control systems forms a part of our project management as well.

Process consulting

We can offer experienced process specialists in all areas of business processes. Completion of analysis and modelling of the existing processes, procedures, responsibilities and powers serves as a jumping-off point for creation and application of process maps of our consultants in respect of the customer, aimed at optimisation of the processes and maximal utilisation of synergic effect in the company. The output is both the schedule and timing of the implementation of individual changes. The implementation itself and the changes in SAP are preceded by process reengineering.

Outsourcing SAP

Our experience and skills entitle us to provide full SAP outsourcing services to our customers. We offer long-term application outsourcing provided by our consultants and programmers; we offer the outsourcing of SAP basis administration on our own or customer servers. We can also offer a short-term outsourcing or partial outsourcing of selected services according to the customer´s wish. We meet demanding SLA parameters for outsourcing under contractual arrangements.

System migration a roll out

Migration of SAP system is our significant service; we can provide it while upgrading SAP application versions (e.g. from RE Classic to RE-FX, migration to NGL), but also between various HW platforms or upon integration of systems. Thanks to the knowledge of legislative environment of the Czech Republic we can offer experience in respect of roll-out of foreign companies´ SAP systems into the Czech subsidiaries.

Administration, SAP basis

We have at our disposal experienced SAP basis senior administrators with long-term experience in administration of SAP systems on both Windows, Unix, Linux (Suse, RedHat), AIX, OS/2 and Oracle platforms. We provide administration of SAP ERP ECC 6.0 (and higher) systems including deployment of service, support patches, and enhancement packages. We have experience in setup and utilisation of SAP Solution Manager. We also provide administration of SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects. We perform migration or upgrade to higher versions in all the above-mentioned systems.

Upgrading and archiving SAP system

We have had experience in upgrading SAP since SAP ERP 2.2d already up to the most recent version of SAP ERP ECC 6.x including the system enhancement using Enhancement Packages. Similarly, we are able to resolve the upgrade of non-standard solutions and customer program interventions into the system standard, but also the upgrade of entire custom-made customer applications. We are able to assess the necessity of data archiving and to archive the data in the system if there are reasons to do so.

Analysis, conception, IT strategy

Based on the customer´s demand we provide analyses in all IT areas, primarily the mapping of needs and enhancements in SAP ERP, SAP BW, SAP BO and SAP Enterprise Portal. Apart from carrying out detailed analyses we offer customers the designs of target solutions including the choice of technological and application platform. We contribute to substantial decisions of our customers by providing feasibility studies, conceptions and IT strategies.

Training, workshops, consulting

Provision of training or workshops not only in SAP ERP, SAP BW, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Enterprise Portal, but also in soft skills is a part of our services. We provide training courses in verified training rooms or in the customer´s premises. We provide individual custom-made consulting if necessary.

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

Our significant customers

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