Fleet Management in SAP

The scope of Fleet Management sectoral solution in SAP

The sectoral solution covers all processes related to vehicle operations management and the life cycle of company vehicles. At the base there is the register of vehicles including technical description, accounting record and electronic technical documentation. The solution covers the agenda of maintenance and service planning of vehicles (warranty inspections, MOT tests, emissions), record of insured events and insurance payments, record of contractual insurance, assessment and calculation of road tax and settlement of fuel cards and car radio fees. The solution allows to keep a record of tires, monitor the need for replacement and evaluation of tires lifetime. An important part of the solution is a record of drivers, assigning vehicles to employees and internal vehicle rental facility of company cars including a rental requests. All vehicle costs are directly and precisely allocated by means of car fleet controlling for respective vehicles. A detailed description of the extent of the Fleet Management sectoral solution in SAP includes our company’s product list which we will gladly provide you with based on your inquiry (see company contacts).

Who is the sectoral solution intended for

The SAP Fleet Management sectoral solution is intended for all companies and organizations which have company, reference, leased or rented vehicles. Size of the company fleet is not limited. Application of this solution is broad and allows for use in all areas of business where there is a need to manage car fleets.

Sectoral solution benefits

The Fleet Management sectoral solution in SAP features not only an economic optimization of vehicle operations, but also an option to easily, effectively and transparently manage and maintain company car fleet. In the system, the customer gains an overview of all processes and information which contribute to effective management and administration of their car fleet. Our legislative extension and extensive reporting contributes to the fact. We can quantify the benefits both financially and also by practical experience from companies in which the implementation has already taken place. Please contact us, we will gladly provide you with more information (see company contacts).

Technical contents of the solution

The PM module is at the core of Fleet Management sectoral solution in SAP. eLevel system s.r.o. has performed sectoral extensions with the integration to the PM module which broaden the functionality and application of the SAP system in the area of Fleet Management. By using the extensions of eLevel system s.r.o. and integration of other relevant SAP modules, the solution becomes an altogether comprehensive tool for the area of Fleet Management. The strength and integration of relevant SAP modules and developed sectoral components to the PM module depends on needs and requirements of a particular customer. In case customers find the less user-friendly environment of the PM module inconvenient, we offer the Fleet Management sectoral solution in a standalone customer application (see Customer applications in SAP).

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

Our significant customers

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