Training and Event Management in SAP

The scope of Training and Event Management sectoral solution in SAP

The sectoral solution covers processes related to training events management in connection with required qualifications and competence of employees. At the base there is a catalog of training events (trainings, certifications) which is linked to a catalog of qualifications of a given company. The solution can include a registration for training events (trainings, certifications), protocol logging of a given training event including the result itself together with the impact on employee’s qualification profile and planned placement or profession. The solution enables invitation creation, attendance list, catalog list of a training event and email communication between the training event organizer and participants. An important part of this solution is a control system which comprises the control of qualification validity of a given employee in time, control of compliance between the requirements profile and qualifications profile, control of changed working conditions etc. The sectoral solution is a localized solution for training events management and legally required legislative trainings and certificates which is, compared to the SAP standard, very user-friendly and pleasant and entirely covers legislation of the Czech Republic. A detailed description of the sectoral solution extent includes our company’s product list which we will gladly provide you with based on your inquiry (see company contacts).

Who is the sectoral solution intended for

The Training and Event Management sectoral solution in SAP is intended for all companies and organizations interested in running training events, legally required legislative trainings and certifications, in a user-friendly way and according to the legislation of the Czech Republic. Application of this solution is broad and allows for use in all areas of business where there is a need to manage and organize training.

Sectoral solution benefits

This concerns comprehensive solutions for the management of training events, legally required legislative trainings and certifications in the SAP system. It features easy, effective and transparent record keeping and evaluation of training events with a connection to qualification needs, technical competence and a catalog of qualifications. The solution allows for employee evaluation with respect to fulfillment of qualification requirements for technical competence and, based on this, automatic detection of qualification deficits. It monitors the validity of trainings (OHS, FP, etc.) for respective employees from the legislative point of view. In the system, the customer gains an overview of all performed training events, which are logged in a protocol. The customer also has an extensive reporting and management overviews at their disposal. We can quantify the benefits both financially and also by practical experience from companies in which the implementation has already taken place. Please contact us, we will gladly provide you with more information (see company contacts).

Technical contents of the solution

The sectoral solution includes a customer extension of the HR module for the needs of training events with integration to standard SAP functionality in the area of qualifications. By using the extensions of eLevel system s.r.o., the solution becomes an altogether comprehensive tool for the area of training. The strength and extent of developed sectoral components to the HR module for management of training events depends on needs and requirements of a particular customer.

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

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