Incoming electronic invoices

The customer solution for incoming electronic invoices allows, after obtaining data from the incoming invoice (the data from e-invoices in the PDF or IS DOC format can be automatically obtained), to save the invoice in the DMS SAP invoice archive in the process of which the invoice is object-linked to relevant SAP objects (order, supplier, receipt etc.). After the approval process, the invoice is posted in the system.

Outgoing electronic invoices

In the solution of outgoing electronic invoices, electronic invoices in the PDF or IS DOC format are automatically created together with a log, using data obtained in the SD module (alternatively FI). Electronic invoices are then, based on a user-request, automatically sent by email to recipients. The electronic invoice can be supplied with a qualified electronic signature.

Electronic orders

The application solves the creation of an electronic order including the electronic signature by a certification authority. It allows mass and individual sending of electronic orders to specified suppliers, using email and subsequent saving in the orders archive in DMS SAP with an object link.

Calculator of internal lease rates

The application serves to determine rates of internal lease. It is integrated to the RE-FX module and is based on economic and technical data for each real estate unit in the RE-FX module. The internal lease revenues are posted as revenues of a building under real estate controlling, contrarily, costs are posted to the debit of users of respective internal premises.

Real estate appraisal

The solution offers companies various methods of real estate valuation, while always providing the user with a simulation run option for control. Productive run conducts bulk appraisal assessment and at the same time the history of appraisal values for respective properties is stored in the system.

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