Sectoral solutions in SAP

Facility Management in SAP

Company eLevel system s.r.o. is the leader in knowledge of RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic. We have created industry solutions for Facility Management in SAP based on RE-FX (REM) module, which covers in SAP all the processes associated with the entire real property life cycle from acquisition, management, maintenance and provision of services to termination of life cycle of the given real property

Fleet Management in SAP

The Fleet Management sectoral solution in SAP covers all processes related to vehicle operations management and the life cycle of company vehicles. The solution features not only an economic optimization of vehicle operations, but also an option to easily, effectively and transparently manage and maintain company car fleet.

Training and Event Management in SAP

A sectoral solution for the area of training, qualification requirements determination, control of legally required legislative training and management of training events fully substitutes and improves the standard SAP solution. The user-friendly solution makes work easier for competent company personnel in the areas of company training, occupational safety and protections at work, fire safety and also while acquiring the necessary technical qualifications and certifications.

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

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