Human Resources

Electronic payslip

Creation and mass distribution of electronic payslips to employees, by electronic means to a company or personal email address. The payslip is in the PDF format, password-protected and compressed. The solution fully complies with security standards and makes the distribution of payrolls in a company easier.

Work incident/accident log

The work incident/accident log according to the effective legislation of the Czech Republic includes an electronic accident book identifying workplace accidents. A part of the solution are prefilled forms Record of injury and Report of changes about injury, which can be sent by email according to Act No. 201/2010 of the Czech Government. The necessary sets for personnel and OHS officers are available.

Electronic personal file

The electronic personal file combines all necessary documents according to the Act No. 262/2006, which are related to the employee. All documents of personal character, agreements, evaluations, incomes and perks and working hours’ log are kept in the electronic form. The solution complies with the effective regulations on personal data protection according to the Act No. 101/2000.

Internal training program

The solution for employees’ internal training allows to keep track of all trainings, courses, and certifications of employees required by the legislation of the Czech Republic. It enables to easily keep information about trainings, training courses and certifications including the necessary documentation in an electronic form. It also includes the necessary reports. The extent of the customer solution depends on the needs and requirements of respective customers.

Automatic KPI indexes calculation

Customer solution for an automatic determination and calculation of KPI indexes for a given employee. Option to simulate and compare planned values with real. Provision of data for the approval of KPI indexes and direct entry into salary.

Occupational Health Examinations

see Occupational Health Examinations and Legislative solutions in SAP

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