Specific solutions

CAD integration into SAP

The integration of CAD designs into SAP at the ground level allows to interactively and graphically portray the structure of spaces, tenants, type of rooms, size of spaces etc. directly in the SAP system. Owing to the universal DXF format, it is possible to process AutoCAD, MicroStation and other drawings.

GIS integration into SAP

The integration of GIS maps into SAP on the level of land, buildings and utility networks allows to interactively and graphically portray GIS objects directly in the SAP system. For this purpose it is possible to use any GIS maps.

Cadaster of Real Estate

Cadaster of Real Estate is integrated into SAP. It can be linked with the RE-FX (REM) or AM module. It contains Building, Parcel and Unit objects. It offers all available descriptive data from the Cadaster of Real Estate (ČÚZK) for each company (or for any real estate portfolio) including servitudes in favor or to the detriment of the customer. The record from the Cadaster is linked to the record of buildings and land in the RE-FX (REM) or AM module. The records can be easily compared and evaluated. The update of data from the Cadaster happens by means of a standard exchange format of using a web service.

Bar codes

The solution allows bar codes (QR) to be used for the receipt, expedition, ordering, supplying and stocktaking of material. It is possible to print bar code labels in SAP. Bar code is a part of the corresponding documents in the MM module (issue slip, receipt slip, delivery note, order etc.). The solution makes putaway and picking of material more effective, including stocktaking.

University dormitories

The solution for university dormitories covers everything necessary: from filing an application, evaluation and assessment of waiting list according to university criteria, creation of accommodation agreements, printing and sending by email, payments for accommodation, rental deposits, direct debit and reminders to accommodation termination. It allows aggregate billing of rent and web access for students and employees including an internal link to the university information system. Optional graphical plan view of dormitory areas or link to a key service are also possible.

The solution makes it easier and faster to order selected materials with from preferred suppliers. The communication between supplier’s e-shop and the SAP system of the contract giver can take place online or in a certain time period. All orders from all registered users of the contract giver are transferred from the supplier’s e-shop into the SAP system, where, in the background, each material, material information record, folder and reservation are automatically filed under each order. Thus, a smooth and fast material ordering process is achieved, after it has been posted into the contract giver’s SAP system.

Vehicle operations

The customer solution of vehicle operations in SAP, which covers processes related to vehicle operations management and the life cycle of company vehicles, includes the register of vehicles, MOT tests planning, emissions, servicing, record of insured events, record of contractual insurance, assessment of road tax, settlement of fuel cards and car radio fees, record of tires including the assessment of their life-cycle, register of drivers, assigning vehicles to employees and internal company vehicle rental facility including a rental request. All vehicle costs are directly and precisely allocated by means of car fleet controlling for respective vehicles. The solution is user-friendly and easy to use. It is intended for customers who do not want to use the more complicated solution in the PM module. A detailed description of the extent of vehicle operations solution in SAP includes our company’s product list which we will gladly provide you with based on your inquiry (see company contacts).

Mobile application

In the SAP Fiori environment, we can develop any customer mobile application which the customer will find helpful in their company processes. An example of this can be applications for the approval of order requests, vacation, business trip or for stocktaking and data reporting.

Documentation archive

An easy-to-use archiving of electronic documents (invoices, orders, agreements, budgets, designs, photographs, certifications etc.) happens using the DMS component in SAP. The electronic documents are linked with relevant SAP objects. In the archive they are properly categorized according to user needs and secured with permissions. It is possible to establish a secured access to the archive from a web environment.

The company is a comprehensive provider of the SAP system, an expert in legislative and customer-oriented solutions and a knowledge leader in the RE-FX (REM) SAP module in the Czech Republic.

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